Panel ActiveCode

• Active Code Panel its based on XtreamCode and can used together with xtreamcode or XtreamUI, support all levels and groups of resellers and active code and credits.

• When you have CPU very High 100%. Check DDOS Attack, [*Reboot Server then Reload*].

• Check Loop-Back Streams (When you exchange streams with others and you use the same Stream)

• Resellers Packges and Groups.

• Edit any Reseller AND set Group to Use Credit System.

• When Reseller add Credit to his Sub-Reseller it will deduct/cut his credit.

• Mass Encode/Delete Movies & Episodes.

• Filter Movies/Episodes by Encode Type and Servers.

• You can know each Movie/Episodes on it's server.

• Sort Bouquets by Mouse. Resellers and admins can Sort for codes/users/mag/e2

• Disallow Resellers to add users with password. User+Password will be Auto Generated.

• Added Reset Password for every User.

• When you disallow reseller to set password, the reseller can use: Reset Password to Change passwords for his users.

• Mass Edit Resellers - Beta.

• Added Options for Reseller to : Set Password, Country, E2 , Change Codes MAC options ... etc

• Fix Transcoding Profiles.

• Servers: Sort and Arrange Server.

• Servers: Clean iptables firewall rules from Servers.

• Servers: Update GeoIP database.

• Sort Users & Online Users.

• On Next update we will add TMDB and force use of Credit System, beta New Design.

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