Xui One

• v1.5.12

• Libcur4

• WebPlayer

• PHPmyAdmin

• [Core] Rewritten Proxy system to allow proxies to cover mulitple servers. Load balancing system rewritten to handle this. Reinstall your proxies as the old system won't work anymore. More tools and functionality is coming soon, this is just the first pass.

• [Core] Modified PHP Loopback to skip content-type checks to ensure better compatibility. Should work for those who it didn't work with before.

• [Core] Modified load balancing and offline video behaviour to optimise it.

• [Core] Added max_requests variable to PHP-FPM instances to automatically restart PHP-FPM when a certain amount of requests has been handled.

• [Core] Removed umount commands from updates and load balancer installations so streams and tmp directory don't get unmounted and lose their contents.

• [Core] AppArmor is automatically disabled when Update Binaries is run, or load balancers are installed.

• [Core] Added a background bouquet check to ensure that deleted streams are removed from bouquets.

• [Core] Modified transcoding profiles to add a comma after scaling, may fix some errors people have.

• [Core] Modified URL in Player API to match the domain name or proxy used.

• [Core] Removed redundant checks when killing PID's.

• [Core] Removed redundant checks from startup script.

• [Admin] Added Multiselect Actions to Servers, Proxies, Users, Lines, MAG's, Enigmas, Streams, Channels, Stations, Movies, Episodes and Series. Hold SHIFT and click individual rows to select them, the action bar appears in the header to run actions on multiple items at once.

• [Admin] Holding CTRL when clicking a link should now open it in a new tab, if the function is compatible.

• [Admin] Removed Subreseller Setup and Subresellers page, you can add subreseller groups via Edit Group page.

• [Admin] Fixed dashboard graph Users count not being unique when server are grouped.

• [Admin] Fixed editing servers in Mass Edit Channels, Episodes and Stations.

• [Admin] Added MariaDB version check to the dashboard. If an outdated version is found you will be notified.

• [Admin] Modified tooltip behaviour to stop duplicates layering over eachother sometimes.

• [Admin] When clicking a server in Mass Edit, the server edit checkbox will be selected automatically.

• [Admin] Added Update Server button to Server Tools to force an update.

• [Admin] Show Failures button now shows per server when streams aren't grouped.

• [Reseller] If multiple subreseller groups are applied to a group, the reseller can now select which group they want the user they are creating to be in.

• [Reseller] Modified Extend log to show as Edit if no package is applied and 0 credits are used.

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